The Secret to Starting Worship Services on Time

It seems to be a universal challenge.  The first song is starting and there are only two rows of people there to sing it.  Or it’s the fourth song and people are still streaming in and greeting each other rather than singing.  Haven’t figured it out yet, but in this video I share a few ideas such as…

  • Some things that don’t help long term (in my opinion)
  • Opportunities to teach your congregation
  • Ideas to switch up your service order

Feel free to add any comments below of other ideas you might have to share!

2 Comments on “The Secret to Starting Worship Services on Time”

  1. Thank you Brian. Listening to your tips has been helpful. I am a disciple from Kampala, Uganda who is part of the worship team. I have seen the positive impact encouraging words has on the team just before the service. We also have a 5 minute review after the service of how the singing was during the service. We usually call a disciple from the congregation to give us their honest review.

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