Ties to the Light: alt-pop/rock music project

Happy Monday folks. I’m excited to let you know about a music album project I finally finished called “Ties to the Light.” If you’re reading this blog you probably know me for my congregational songs. But long ago I used to do alt-pop/rock (in high school and college). A while back I started writing songs in this genre again, and this album of songs represents those tunes I’ve been working on all this time. Going forward I plan to release more songs like this under the band name “Ties to the Light” (just to distinguish it from my worship music). Also I plan to collaborate with other artists under this band name.  I would LOVE to know what you think of this project!  Here are links for it, depending on what kind of streaming service you use:



Apple Music / iTunes

Google Play








2 Comments on “Ties to the Light: alt-pop/rock music project”

  1. Kristin Powelll says:

    Yay! You finally got to complete this! Love the songs…thanks for putting it out for us to hear.

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