The Beauty in it All

Week before last, several young talented singers/songwriters/musicians from within our family of churches got together for a few days to for the purpose of writing some new congregational songs.  I happened to find out about it and was instantly so excited to see what they came up with!  Here is one of the songs that was shared with me, as presented by the amazing Andre McRae to his local congregation.  I love the message of the song and its beautiful melody (and pretty instrumental interlude as well). So grateful to see gifted disciples using their talents for the kingdom!  Look forward to singing this and other new songs these brothers and sisters are writing.

THE BEAUTY IN IT ALL – sheet music

Rejoice in the law of the Lord – new arrangement

I was in NJ visiting my family and got to worship with the church there.  Marc Persing, one of the amazing young worship leaders there did a new arrangement of the song “Rejoice in the Law of the Lord” that I absolutely loved.  It’s so cool how a new arrangement of an old song can totally make the song new again –the words, the message, everything.  I love how God designed music to be that way!  I found out Marc had a posting of that arrangement and wanted to share it with all of you — here it is.  The chords are E  /  C#m  /  A   /  E.   And he plays a really cool riff throughout.   (By the way if you click on the playlist on the right side of the page you’ll be able to hear some other cool worship recordings Marc has posted.)

And if you follow this blog and have any cool arrangements of congregational songs I could enjoy and share please send them to me!


Breakthrough – Lyric Video

Just wrapping up January we are off to a good start on a new year.  Last year was a very difficult one for us in our family, and we are still in the midst of some very real challenges.  But I’m learning trust and surrender and to “let go.”  God is good, God reigns, and we fully trust in him, his purposes and his plan.  However, there are things we want to see change.  There are prayers we want to see answered.  And so we continue to call on God in those areas and to ask him for a “breakthrough.”

Joseph’s Song (Christmas Time)

One quick post to finish out the year – thought I would share a song I wrote years ago about the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective.  (This was probably influenced by a great novel I had read back then called Two from Galilee by Marjorie Holmes.)  Many times God brings about his plans and purposes in ways we didn’t expect (and often even not in the way we would necessarily prefer), right?  And yet his plans and purposes are wonderful.  Here is a recording from back then, and the lyrics of the song.  (I’m hoping to make a newer recording of the song along with a whole Christmas album next year).

Joseph’s Song (Christmas Time)

Moon high. Baby low.
Sweep down. Save our souls.
No room. No light.
No inn open to stay.
Every place so crowded this night.

Low looks. High hopes.
Nine months, so slow.
People, prideful,
Oh they stop and they stare,
How they glare,
Thinking we’re in shame

Christmas time, Christmas time
Christmas, Christmas time

Back door’s open.
My heart is broken.
Why this stable?
He should be born in a place
full of grace, honor and light

If “God is with us”
Where’s his palace?
Must be showing his love,
The creator of light
From on high, born in the straw.

Christmas time, Christmas time
Christmas, Christmas time

So deck the halls with boughs of holly!
Born in a manger and that wasn’t all,
He would give up his life as a self-sacrifice.
God as a baby, the man born Jesus Christ.

Timeless. Eternal.
All power. His world.
Helpless. Crying.
Cradled there by his mom;
He’s so small,
This son of the womb.

How God came low
Stooped down. Saved our souls
We must humble ourselves
and bow down on our knees!
Who are we?
Just dust of the earth

Christmas time, Christmas time
Christmas, Christmas…

So deck the halls with boughs of holly!
Born in a manger and that wasn’t all,
He would cleanse all our sorrows
And cure our diseases,
The king of us all, the man born Jesus

So deck the halls with boughs of holly!
Born in a manger and that wasn’t all.
He would give all his life as a self-sacrifice
God as a baby, the man born Jesus Christ.

The Storm is Passing Over

Been praying for our brothers and sisters in Texas last week and Florida/Caribbean this week, as I’m sure you have!

The seas have lifted up, Lord,
the seas have lifted up their voice;
the seas have lifted up their pounding waves.
Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,
mightier than the breakers of the sea—
the Lord on high is mighty.  – Psalm 93:3-4

Thought I would share this song today… “the storm is passing over.”

Encourage My Soul – demo


By the way here is the version my friend Malcolm Turner does — this one is fun…

Encourage my soul (OC version) – recording



His Hands – EDM Version

Good Monday morning!  I recently shared a post about how songs can take different forms in different contexts.  I had an opportunity to use the same song I had used in that post again in a completely different way.  This last week was our annual Youth Camp, and one of the key lessons at camp was about who God is as our father –not a bigger version of our earthly father but a perfect version of our earthy father; not a reflection of our earthly father, but perfection, so I thought this song would be appropriate.  At camp we spend every evening in an extended time of worship, and the kids particularly love songs that allow them to jump around a bit.  So I reworked the song in an EDM form.  I copied the style of Hillsong Young & Free a bit for this one.  Here is the demo:

His Hands – EDM version

I used some multitrack stuff at Youth Camp and uploaded this to Loop Community, so let me know if you are doing any multitrack and would want the stems for this.  They are all set up already.

Here is video of a bit of the kids jumping around to the end of the song.  They loved singing it.








See the earlier post for chord charts and lyrics.

Here is the song book sheet music – this song works great just as a simple a capella song: His Hands – sheet music

Greater Worth than Gold

Happy Monday everyone!  Wanted to share a song today that I wrote years ago for a singles conference with this theme: “Greater Worth than Gold.”  The phrase is taken from 1 Peter…

In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.  – I Peter 1:6-7

I don’t know about you but I hate trials.  Yet I know that this is true — its in the trials and testing of my faith that I experience spiritual growth.  It is the trials and testing that make me stronger and remind me what really matters, that my faith and hope is in something that holds so much long-term value, the will and promise of God, the grace of Jesus’ blood, the hope of heaven.  These words from our brother Peter remind me of that.

For these song lyrics I took the passage — all of chapter 1 — and turned it vertically into a prayer.  This is the version that appears on my newest release, The Other Side.  It was originally written as a congregational song, and sheet music for SATB is below as well.


SATB sheet music:  Greater Worth Than Gold – sheet music

Youtube link:


Greater Worth Than Gold
(1 Peter 1:3-25)

You gave me new birth into living hope
And a promise that never can be broken
I’ve suffered grief when the trials come
But they’re there to show I can overcome
Cause my faith is real and has been refined
All that can be burned has been left behind
So my faith is genuine…

My faith has
Greater worth, greater worth
Greater worth than gold
My faith has
Greater worth, greater worth
Greater worth than gold
Greater worth than gold

Now my faith has grown, and the praise will come
On the final day when you say, “Well done!”
Though I have not seen, still I have believed
Inexpressible joy I have received.
You have chosen me. You have saved my soul
Made my life complete. given me a home
And I know where I belong

I must set my mind, must be self-controlled
I must do your will. I must be made holy
It was not with gold that I was redeemed
But by Jesus’ blood that He gave for me
Now my love must be deep and from within
I must spread the faith that will never end
Cause Your Word stands for all time

C     /    G/B    C    G/B
D      /    D       G/B

G     /     C    /    Em    /    D