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Canaan’s Land – We’ll do a little higher, key of Em


Spirit’s Fire (Reggae Version) — use this video for the general groove, fast forward to 2:30 to skip explanation

Worship You My King – use this video or demo recording below –also good example of how much I’ve aged in the last 5 years if you compare with video above (#teen kids)

Worship You My King demo 9.17.19


06 King of My Heart (Live)  – we’ll do slightly different coming from bridge back to chorus, FYI


Awesome (My God is Awesome)


Holy Spirit


Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)


There’s Not a Friend


The Stand (Live)


More Than Conquerors – will do a third lower, key of E



October 6

In Step with the Spirit


2:00 Canaan’s Land (I’m On My Way)   Em – Betty
2:05 Welcome  – Ruben Monzon and Betty Collins
Prayer – Abraham and Hala Ortega
2:10 The Spirit’s Fire (Reggae)  C  – Lukas
2:15 Worship You My King (new song)  G   – Brian
2:20 King of My Heart   G – Lyah
2:25 My God Is Awesome  E  – Betty
2:30 “How the Spirit Guides My Steps” – Noah Moore
2:40 Holy Spirit   D     Aleesha
2:45 “How the Spirit Guides My Steps” – Mia Akers
2:55 Oceans  D  – Aleesha
3:00 Lesson / Communion, “In Step with the Spirit” – Marshall Mead
  (Passing of Communion)
3:45 There’s Not a Friend Like the Lowly Jesus   E   – Lyah
3:50 The Stand  A  – Lukas
3:55 Video / Announcement – LA Singles NYE Party – Kimba Henderson
4:00 More than Conquerors   E  – Lukas
4:05 Dismissed